n. adj. v. topped, top•ping
1) the highest point, part, or level of anything; summit
2) the uppermost or upper part, surface, end, etc., of anything
3) a lid or covering of a container
4) the highest or leading position or rank:
at the top of the class[/ex]
5) a person or thing occupying such a position
6) the highest pitch or degree:
at the top of one's voice[/ex]
7) the first or foremost part; beginning:
Take it from the top[/ex]
8) clo a garment for the upper body
9) a rooflike upper part or cover on a vehicle
10) tops
bot the part of a plant that grows above ground, esp. of an edible root
11) the head or the crown of the head:
from top to toe[/ex]
12) the best or choicest part:
the top of the lot[/ex]
13) aum brit. Brit.
a) a part considered as higher:
the top of the street[/ex]
b) high gear of an automobile
14) naut. navig. a platform surrounding the head of a lower mast on a ship and serving as a foothold, a means of extending the upper rigging, etc
15) gam
a) (in bridge) the best card of a suit in a player's hand
b) (in duplicate bridge) the best score on a hand
16) spo the first half of an inning in baseball
17) spo (in sports)
a) a stroke that hits a ball above its center
b) the forward spin given to the ball by such a stroke
18) chem. Chem. the part of a mixture under distillation that volatilizes first
19) of, situated at, or forming the top; highest; uppermost; upper
20) highest in degree; greatest:
to pay top prices[/ex]
21) foremost, chief, or principal:
the top players[/ex]
22) highest in rank, quality, or popularity:
the top ten movies[/ex]
23) to furnish with a top; put a top on
24) to be at or constitute the top of
25) to reach the top of
26) to rise above
27) to exceed in height, amount, number, etc
28) to surpass, excel, or outdo:
That tops everything[/ex]
29) to surmount with something specified
30) to remove the top of; crop; prune:
to top a tree[/ex]
31) to get or leap over the top of (a fence, barrier, etc.)
32) chem. Chem. to distill off only the most volatile part of (a mixture)
a) to strike (a ball) above its center, giving it a forward spin
b) to make (a stroke) by hitting the ball in this manner
34) to rise aloft
35) phv top off
a) to climax or complete, esp. in an exceptional manner; finish
b) to fill (a partly filled container, as a gas tank) to capacity
36) phv top out
a) bui to finish the top of (a structure)
b) to reach the highest level
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME; late OEtopp, c. OFris topp tuft, OHG zopf plait, tress, ON toppr top, tuft II
[[t]tɒp[/t]] n.
a toy, often inversely conical, with a point on which it is made to spin
Etymology: bef. 1100; ME, OE, c. Fris, dial. D top

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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